How to make your crazy innovation a reality

So, you have an idea that could be a real game-changer in your industry, but when you pitch your ideas, people think they’re impossible to achieve?

Don’t be disheartened if people can’t fathom innovative ideas. Everyone laughed when they saw portable telephones or the universal translator Babelfish in Star Trek or self-driving cars in Total Recall. But look at us now. Almost everyone has a mobile phone, and the USA is already testing driverless cars in several states! So, let’s show those doubters what’s what! Here are some helpful tips on how to bring your crazy ideas to life!

Find your passion

Although having a fantastic concept is essential, making sure it inspires you is much more critical. Create something that will ignite a fire in you, something that you will love and cherish forever. Then let it guide you. The more interested you are in your creation, the more you will want to learn about it willingly. Remember, this is something you will spend days of your life on, so being passionate about it will take some of the stress out of those late-night shifts. You’ll also find that pitching it will be a much smoother ride!

Build momentum

Don’t be one of ‘those’ people who don’t like to talk about their business idea or invention in case someone steals it. You can’t expect a flower to grow in the dark, and your idea is no different! So get out there and let people know about how spectacular your creation is. Speak at events, pitch your ideas to people who will listen, get people as excited as you are! Sometimes all you need is a bit of motivation or the right person to believe in you, and the only way you can get either of those things is by getting your idea known.

Take calculated risks

To get your business to where you want to go, you will have to take risks. However, make sure they are carefully calculated: e.g. you may want to keep your permanent job until your business gets regular sales, launch the first version of your solution even if it is not perfect to get some traction or surround yourself with your own Eduardo Saverin or Dustin Moskovitz type people who’ll share the same ethos as you instead of people only looking for any job. Risks can be costly to a business – especially at the beginning.

Focus on the essentials

Money is always an issue when you start your business. There is money out there – either private investment or public grant to support your journey. However, it can be hard to find it. So ensure you spend your money wisely and in essential activities where you will quickly see your return on investment and get to your next milestone.

Look after yourself

Don’t ignore this one! According to a study by Simply Business[1], “over 1 million hard-working small business owners compromise family and social life due to work pressures” and “over 25% of the individuals surveyed admitted to falling ill due to overworking.” As entrepreneurs, you will have to work hard. And although, your work is important, so are your family, your friends, and your health. Make sure you spend quality time with them.

So next time someone doubts your idea, you go ahead and prove them wrong! When we released Mymanu Clik + – the World’s first truly wireless translation earbuds with most pristine sound quality – people never thought it would be possible. Even multinationals hadn’t done it! 3 years down the line, we may still be a start-up but Mymanu Clik + sold out, some of our competitors like Google and others trying to join our vision and we have launched a pre-order campaign on our website for our new amazing earbuds – Mymanu CLIK S, the World’s most versatile and affordable earbuds for business, music and travel enthusiasts that can translate 30+ languages in real-time 😊.

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